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Why FRP / Feature

Aware of the fact that "wood is apt to corrode, iron is apt to rust & cement is apt to crack. We have now launched high performance FRP Products for Domestic, Industrial & Agricultural applications. These FRP Products of high performance characteristics are able to replace wood, metal & cement, which will give long life to your product with aesthetic appearance & several other benefits

Comparison Chart Between FRP Ladder(Ladderman) & Other Aluminium Ladder

Sr No. Comparison Points In FRP Ladder (Ladderman) In Aluminium Ladder
1 Electrical Shock-Free
2 Flame Retardant
3 UV Stability
4 Designed for optimum stability
as per international OSHA & ANSI
Standards (American & European Standards)
5 Safe & Durable
6 High Strength
7 Antiskid Grip
8 100% Rush & Water Proof
9 Light weight yet strong
10 Compact & easy to carry
11 Tools Trys
12 Economical


  • Household, Kitchens
  • Factories
  • Malls
  • Hospitals
  • Workshops
  • Godowns & Warehouses
  • Garages
  • Shops
  • Laboratories
  • Schools